Founded in 1996, Vinci Industries is a reputable company specializing in producing all kinds of metal and plastic products. Due to our rich experience and excellent services to our customers, we enjoy a good reputation in the market and constantly enlarge the business.

We are committed to the high-quality products and considerate service. We continue to adopt the updated technology in order to stay ahead of current developments in the industry. The effort of our engineer team, coupled with advanced manufacturing techniques and the utilization of high-tech equipments, ensure that our products are always of the highest standards.

Vinci Industries is an expert in metal products of various materials, such as aluminium, steel, copper, zinc, etc. With various updated equipments, all kinds of machining processing are available.

Also we can provide metal products with all kinds of surface finish, such as anodizing, powder coating, painting, plating, polishing, PVD(vacuum metallizing), electrophoresis, etc.

We also provide plastic products, such as injection molding parts, extruded plastic profiles, blow-molding parts and rubber parts. Surface finishing includes painting, chrome plating, floak-coating and so on.

Thanks to good cooperation with our partners in different fields, we can also provide kinds of custom-made metal and plastic products
for customers, such as aluminium extrusion, lighting parts, furniture hardware & fittings, window & door fittings, fasteners, etc.




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